During the early days of May, AvoinGLAM hosted a co-creation event AI Sauna that brought practitioners of Open Culture from Wikimedia, Creative Commons, Open Future, Flickr Foundation, Meemoo and others together with representatives from Finnish memory institutions and research projects.

National Archives of Finland, AI Sauna event. By Fuzheado – Own work, CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=148099825

The event kicked off on Monday morning the 6th of May with inspiring talks that led the participants through listening to idea creation in the magnificent old reading room of the National Archives of Finland. The speakers brought inspiring perspectives into the discussion around the impact of AI in the shared online culture from many directions.

→ If you missed the event, you can still watch the inspire talks and the following panel discussion on the event playlist on AvoinGLAM YouTube channel or read the recap in This Month in GLAM.

Before the hacking/co-creation/brainstorming could begin, we invited all guests to enjoy a sauna and a swim in the 9°C seawater at Allas Sea Pool at the Helsinki harbor.

On the following Tuesday morning, the work started at URBAN3 at Maria01, which is the home base for Open Knowledge Finland, AvoinGLAM and Wikimedia Finland. The roughly 4 hours of work was enough to create a plethora of outstanding projects. 

The stream containing these presentations will be available on the AvoinGLAM YouTube channel at a later point.

Further ideas from the Ideas page:

  • Authorship of political artists and Embodied creative process in the context glassblowing by Liisi Soroush
  • Hot topics in the Finnish local letters of the 1860s TuulaP
  • GenAI for Moroccan Arabic Ideophagous
  • History of the Basque Country in 100 objects
  • Summary of all knowledge Susanna

The documentation is forever on AI Sauna pages on Wikimedia Meta, so you can ping the creators and continue work on interesting topics. The project ideas can be found on the Project ideas page, and contacts to most of the participants on the People page.

Check out the slides for Monday and Tuesday that are also available, or the image category on Wikimedia Commons.

Let’s bathe on!