JISC Open Biblio 2 project – final report

This is cross-posted from openbiblio.net. Following on from the success of the first JISC Open Bibliography project we have now completed a further year of development and advocacy as part of the JISC Discovery programme. Our stated aims at the beginning of the second year of development were to show our community (namely all those […]

Open Biblio Principles Announced

The following post is by Mark McGillivrary, a member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data. Last week the Open Biblio Principles were launched by the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data. The principles are the product of six months of development and discussion within the working group […]

Launch of the Principles on Open Bibliographic Data

The following post is from Adrian Pohl, coordinator of the OKFN Working Group on Open Bibliographic Data. Yesterday, the Principles of Open Bibliographic Data were launched at the Peter Murray-Rust symposium “Visions of a (Semantic) Molecular Future”: http://openbiblio.net/principles/ The principles’ main recommendations read as follows: When publishing bibliographic data make an explicit and robust license […]