New CKAN features!

We’ve recently been working hard to improve [CKAN]( Now you can try out some of the new features…

* **[Groups](** – While CKAN already allows [packages]( to be categorized with [tags](, which anyone can edit, now you can create curated [groups]( of packages. Group administrators control who can edit the packages associated with a given group.

CKAN Groups Detail

* **Ratings** – Each package can be given a general star rating by anyone. It should become a useful indicator of usefulness. There are controls to stop people voting more than once.

CKAN Ratings Detail

* **Integration with [Is It Open?]( (Alpha)** – You can now click straight through from CKAN to the alpha [Is It Open?]( service – to request information about the whether or not a given package is open.

Is It Open? detail

* **Your user page** – this already covers recent edits and now shows
total edits and packages you are admin for. We intend it to be more
customisable and publicly linked to.

We’d love to hear what you think of these changes – and any ideas about how we can make CKAN better!

Screenshot showing updates to CKAN