Sita’s free: Landmark copyleft animated film is now licensed CC0

This past Friday, American cartoonist, animator, and free culture activist Nina Paley announced she was releasing her landmark animated film Sita Sings the Blues under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Sita Sings the Blues is quite possibly the most famous animated film to be released under an open license. The 82 minute film, which is an autobiographical story […]

The Myth of European Term of Protection Harmonisation

**This blog post is based on Christina’s paper, [“The Myth of European Term Harmonisation – 27 Public Domains for 27 Member States”]( This is a shortened version of the post – the full version is available on the [OpenGLAM blog](** Copyright is supposed to be a temporary right: once it has expired, works automatically fall […]

The Year in (Public Domain) Review

**Last month, the glorious [Public Domain Review]( celebrated its first birthday.** The Public Domain Review aspires to become a bounteous gateway into the whopping plenitude that is the public domain, helping our readers to explore this rich terrain by surfacing unusual and obscure works, and offering fresh reflections and unfamiliar angles on material which is […]

Public Domain Day: January 1st 2012

**The following guest post is by Juan Carlos de Martin, from the the Politecnico of Torino, Italy, one of the organisers of the annual [Public Domain Day]( of which the OKF is a proud supporter.** Every January a growing number of people throughout the world gather to celebrate the new year. But not for the […]

Prizewinning bid in ‘Inventare il Futuro’ Competition

By James Harriman-Smith and Primavera De Filippi On the 11th July, the Open Literature (now Open Humanities) mailing list got an email about a competition being run by the University of Bologna called ‘Inventare il Futuro’ or ‘Inventing the Future’. On the 28th October, Hvaing submitted an application on behalf of the OKF, we got […]

A translation fund for public domain texts

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation]( It was originally [posted on his blog](** If a text is widely known and published more than a century and a half ago, chances are that it will be freely available on the web to read and download. Every person with […] makes Public Domain Calculators available for the entire European Union

**The following guest post is by Maarten Zeinstra from [KnowledgeLand]( Maarten is a member of the OKF [Working Group on the Public Domain](** Works that have fallen into the public domain after their term of copyright protection has elapsed can be freely used by everybody. In theory that means that these works can be reused […]

The Public Domain Review has a new website!

**The following post is from [Jonathan Gray](, Community Coordinator at the [Open Knowledge Foundation](** As part of our work to [open up the wealth of cultural works which have entered the public domain](, earlier this year we [launched]( the [Public Domain Review]( Adam Green, the [Public Domain Review](’s wonderful Editor, has been hard at work […]

Announcing… Text Camp 2011

**The following post is from James Harriman-Smith, coordinator of the OKF’s [Open Literature Working Group](, and Lecteur at the ENS de Lyon.** The OKF’s first ever ‘Text Camp’ hopes to bring together many different people, all interested in the relationship between digital technologies and literature, with a strong focus on the creation of open knowledge. […]