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We are excited to announce that Professor Hans Rosling, Director of the Gapminder Foundation and Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institutet, has joined the Open Knowledge Foundation’s Advisory Board!

The Gapminder project is an excellent example of how public data can be built upon to create rich and compelling new applications. Hans is a strong proponent of allowing public data to be accessed and re-used. Futhermore his experience in emerging visualisation technologies will be extremely useful in directing the OKF’s projects and activities in the area of open visualisation.

For more on Gapminder you can see their collection of videos incorporating interactive visualisations of all kinds of interesting data – including the famous Debunking Myths about the Third World and The Seeming Impossible is Possible talks from TED, and presentations on everything from energy to public services, urbanisation to globalisation.

Welcome aboard Hans!

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Dr. Jonathan Gray is Lecturer in Critical Infrastructure Studies at the Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London, where he is currently writing a book on data worlds. He is also Cofounder of the Public Data Lab; and Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam) and the médialab (Sciences Po, Paris). More about his work can be found at jonathangray.org and he tweets at @jwyg.

2 thoughts on “Hans Rosling of Gapminder joins the OKF Advisory Board!”

  1. Advancing awareness and education of open visualization helps to both understand any particular material, and to learn some of the tools for sharing new thoughts and discoveris.
    Thanks to achievements like the Gapminder motion chart integration with Google docs, anyone can better observe and practice these methods.
    The OKF should continue to push the boundaries of open data visualization because of its power to communicate knowledge.
    Congrats to the advisory board, and welcome to Dr. Rosling, whose involvement continues to have such positive effects on the field and community.

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