Open Knowledge Scotland “brings together interested parties from across the open knowledge spectrum based in Scottish educational institutions, Scottish research organisations, Scottish local and national government, and members of the public for the purposes of teaching, learning and discussion”.

OKCon in London is now in its fifth year. It seemed like time to put together a spin-off event. OKScotland will be a sort of mini-OKCon – an afternoon and early evening event, starting at 3pm (2.30 for coffee) and ending with drinks.

There will be a fair bit of Open Space, with lightning talks by attendees, and a couple of longer “clinic” sessions, including one on open data licensing issues with Charlotte Waelde and Andres Guadamuz from the SCRIPT law and technology research centre.

We should have an interesting mix, with folk from the Scottish Government, the National Library of Scotland, and the Scottish OpenStreetmap community offering short talks, with others on open science, environmental data, and social science research themes. There’s still space for more short talks – if you’re local and motivated, please add your talk title while registering for OK Scotland.

Thanks for support and inspiration from IDEA lab at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh and EDINA, the JISC National Data Centre also hosted at Edinburgh.

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