As you may have seen, last week the OKF launched a new mini project called Created by by Jordan Hatch and Richard Pope, the site enables UK citizens to find and report spending cuts near them. It had a pretty enthusiastic reception, and was picked up by the Telegraph and several local news sources.

We are now looking for people who might be interested in creating a similar service to map the cuts in other countries. If you might be interested, please either leave a comment below, or come and say hello on the the wdmmg-discuss list!

3 thoughts on “Where are the cuts in your country?”

  1. ISrael has just passed the 2011-12 biannual budget in first hearing in the parliament. Interested in exploring the possibility of applying this to our budget.

  2. Great effort, Jonathan. I personally would be very interested in trying something similar with Spanish data. Let me know how can we try to move it forward.

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