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We’ve just heard from our friends at Centrum Cyfrowe in Poland, that the Polish Council of Ministers has adopted a draft bill amending the Bill on Access to Public Information and certain other laws. The amendments mean that all Public Sector Information (PSI) which is accessible online or made available because of individiual requests, will be available for re-use free of charge with very limited reuse conditions. From their press release:

The primary objective of the amendment is to introduce into national legislation rules for re-use of public information in line with the EU Directive 2003/98/EC.

The Bill introduces a new method for making public information available for re-use – through content repositories, pro-actively filled with resources by public institutions. Designated public institutons will provide resources – in particular public data – specified by the Prime Minister, especially information of particular value as a source of innovative added value.

The full English translation of the bill and further details will be available soon. Looks like a good step towards greater openness from the Polish government!

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