Do you speak another language apart from English? Have you got a little bit of spare time over the next week?

CKAN 1.6 is set to release in one week’s time and all the new features need translating. Can you help us complete it in time? If you can spend 15 minutes filling in the gaps using the Transifex website, then not only will community CKANs in your country benefit (e.g. Czech, Swedish, French etc), but so will the international CKANs run in your language! (e.g.,,

These are the languages and how complete the translations are:

Serbian 83%

Finnish 83%

Norwegian 83%

Portuguese 83%

Italian 83%

Catalan 83%

French 83%

Polish 82%

Czech 82%

German 80%

Spanish 76%

Swedish 74%

Hungarian 58%

Albanian 43%

Dutch 37%

Bulgarian 37%

Greek 27%

Slovenian 23%

It’s easy to do some translating!

First timers will need to setup their account first:

  1. Log-in with Transifex/Facebook/Twitter/Google account here.

  2. Choose a CKAN language team:

  3. Click “Join this team”

  4. Wait for me or another admin to approve you

Now to translate:


  2. Click on your language

  3. Press “Translate”.

Every day this week I’ll put the translations up on for you to see the results. Please help make help make this open data catalogue readable by as many people as possible!

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