This weekend Mexico City will host OpenDataMx, a Hackathon of public open data lasting 36 hours, during which participants will develop creative technical solutions to solve various civil society problems.

Programmers, designers, members of civil society organizations (CSOs) and government officials are invited to participate in OpenDataMx and collaborate in web and mobile solutions in order to solve particular problems.

This Hackathon is open to all themes and challenges arising from government public data or/and CSOs’ projects.
The event will be held on August 24th – 25th, 2012 at the Universidad de la Comunicación in Mexico City.

OpenDataMx will have renowned international judges from the technological, open data, and government transparency fields. There will be three cash prizes to the best solutions according to the following criteria: creativity, analytical depth, communications proposal, and the project’s potential impact in solving the public problem.

With all this, we want OpenDataMx to become an event that has an impact on civil society’s work and can narrow the digital divide between those who are experts in the field and those who need to delve more on it to achieve greater impact in the transformation of a more democratic society.

The Open Knowledge Foundation was invited to talk about their experience in builing the community around open knowledge and open data and will also host a session on using the OpenSpending platform with Mexican data.


  • Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research Social TIC
  • Colectivo por la Transparencia

Invited organizations:

  • Development Seed
  • Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente
  • Sunlight Foundation

For more information:

  • contacto [at]
Collectivo por la transparencia
Universidad de la comunicacion
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Velichka is Project Coordinator of Open Economics at the Open Knowledge Foundation. She is based in London, a graduate of economics (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin) and environmental policy (University of Cambridge) and a fellow of the Heinrich Böll Foundation @vndimitrova

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