Code for Europe is a new organization looking to enliven a culture of innovation in city government. This week they have launched a hunt for talented developers and app makers, “to help make a breakthrough in how government services its citizens.” The projects will take place in six European cities: Helsinki, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Manchester and Barcelona.

Fellows will work collaboratively to “develop out-of the-box answers to the common challenges cities are faced with, to not only make a real difference in each location, but also provide solutions that can be used in other European cities, and around the world.” They will do more than just code – they will act as their own project managers to research, create and develop a complete solution. They are provided an access to city officials and often newly opened government data sets, to gain full comprehension on the issues. The positions are salaried, starting in January 2013, and the application deadline is November 4th.

See Code for Europe for more details and info on how to apply!

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