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Hackathons are a wonderful way to introduce people of all walks to the amazing possibilities of open data. Here in British Columbia we are fortunate to have a very active open data community which has organized and run 17 open data hackathons in the past two years. This year a few of us decided that there was enough demand for hackathons that we wanted to figure out how to scale them out so that a lot more events could be held. We saw lots of people wanting to facilitate and sponsor them, but the hackathon concept was still quite new to them.

We decided that the best way to scale it out was to create more champions and encourage others to hold their own hackathons. As part of that effort we decided that a guide would be a great tool for this purpose. The guide is meant to describe not only how to run a hackathon but why we run them the way we do. Our intention is that our participants walk away from our events inspired and with a new understanding of what open data is and how it can be used to inform, and add value. Our intention with the guide is that other people will take on running their own hackathons and create that same result in their own communities.

So – we’re happy to announce that v1.0 of our Open Data Hackathon How To Guide is ready and available here:

Please feel free to use, share, remix, etc..

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5 thoughts on “Hackathons: the How To Guide”

  1. I created a great hackers guide, comes as an android app, hard info to come by and very comprehensive:

    Hacking. Computer Networks. Programming. Exploits. Hackers and Security Pros.
    A comprehensive guide to hacking, from networks to DDOS attacks to legalities. Ethics, rules and the vast grey zone. How they get into your computer via exploits using binary data stored in jpg images. How to block these attacks from a security perspective, and how to perform these attacks (testing your security)..
    This information is powerful, potentially dangerous, and very important. This guide can help revamp your security, as you will learn the very knowledge that allows hackers to exploit systems weak securities.
    Even a single dial-up that wasn’t updated, with an employee using their personal AOL, can allow for a cryptic attack, infiltrating an entire corporations database.
    Be wise. Beware. Be Legal.
    Happy Hacking:)

    BSc, BASc

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