Loving this infographic, which explains and launches the Open Transport Data Manifesto:

Helsinki Open Transport Data Manifesto

The Manifesto is the product of an ePSI workshop which took place in Helsinki in September in the run-up to OKFest, ‘Transport Data – fueling mobility of the future and smart cities’. 33 participants from 15 countries came together, to discuss the current situation in opening up transport data across Europe, the dreams and potential as well as the barriers and possible types of solutions to overcome them.

Marc de Vries, from ePSI says:

The Manifesto and visualisation capture and highlight the Open Transport Data potential at hand, the obstacles and accordingly allocating the responsibilities to meet these challenges to the appropriate stakeholders. As such, they seek to stimulate dialogue between stakeholders by identifying transport data specific issues, that are hampering the free flow across Europe.

And from the Manifesto:

Transportation is an important contemporary issue, which has a direct impact on economic strength, environmental sustainability and social equity. Accordingly, transport data … represents on of the most valuable sources of public sector information … This Manifesto calls upon policy makers (at the EU, national, local and sectoral levels), transport operators (from the public and private sectors), and data users to seize the opportunities and reap the benefits, by opening up and sharing data resources, cashing in on the enormous potential to be exploited.

The full Manifesto document is available here.

If you’d like to get involved in the conversation, why not sign up for the OKFN’s Open Transport Working Group.

Videos and full proceedings from the workshop are on the ePSI blog. You can also get a high-res version of the infographic here.

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