It’s our pleasure to invite you to join the Citizen Science Open Technical Workshop to be held Wednesday 30th January 16:00 CET virtually using Google Hangout.

You can attend the meeting and send all your comments in this Youtube channel or this twitter account.

Over 2 hours, we’ll have expert talks and open discussions about technologies for volunteer computing and thinking projects like:

  • BOINC, the popular volunteer computing desktop middleware used in scientific projects like Seti@Home where volunteers donate their computing resources for analyzing radio telescope data, Einstein@Home where you could help analyzing weak astrophysical signals from spinning neutron stars, or CERN’s LHC@Home where the users help the physicists to develop and exploit particle accelerators like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.
  • BOSSA, a distributed thinking framework for creating scientific projects where the volunteers perform tasks that require human intelligence, knowledge, or cognitive skills. An example of this technology is the project Transcribe Bleek & Lloyd where the volunteers help to transcribe Bushman hand written documents.
  • PyBossa, the OKFN’s framework for volunteer thinking projects where volunteers could participate in scientific applications like Feynman’s Flowers where the volunteers help to study how molecules interact with the surfaces they are stuck to, where the users can help to detect deforested areas from satellite images in forests, or for example helping in damage assessment cases like with the Pablo Typhoon or oil spills by Shell experienced by the company in the Niger Delta (Nigeria).
  • and other fantastic technologies!

You can get more details on the Open Science blog and on Google Plus.

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Daniel has a PhD Computer Engineering, and is working for the Citizen Cyberscience Centre.

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