Book, Ball and Chain

We’ve often used “open knowledge” simply as a broad term to cover any kind of open data or content from statistics to sonnets, and more. However, there is another deeper, and far more important, reason why we are the “Open Knowledge” Foundation and not, for example, the “Open Data” Foundation. It’s because knowledge is something much more than data.

Open knowledge is what open data becomes when it’s useful, usable and used. At the Open Knowledge Foundation we believe in open knowledge: not just that data is open and can be freely used, but that it is made useful – accessible, understandable, meaningful, and able to help someone solve a real problem. —Open knowledge should be empowering – it should be enabling citizens and organizations understand the world, create insight and effect positive change.

It’s because open knowledge is much more than just raw data that we work both to have raw data and information opened up (by advocating and campaigning) and also by making, creating the tools to turn that raw material into knowledge that people can act upon. For example, we build technical tools, open source software to help people work with data, and we create handbooks which help people acquire the skills they need to do so. This combination, that we are both evangelists and makers, is extremely powerful in helping us change the world.

Achieving our vision of a world transformed through open knowledge, a world where a vibrant open knowledge commons empowers citizens and enables fair and sustainable societies, is a big challenge. We firmly believe it can done, with a global network of amazing people and organisations fighting for openness and making tools and more to support the open knowledge ecosystem, although it’s going to take a while!

We at the Open Knowledge Foundation are committed to this vision of a global movement building an open knowledge ecosystem, and we are here for the long term. We’d love you to join us in improving the world through open knowledge; there will be many different ways you can help coming up during the months ahead, so get started now by keeping in touch – by signing up to receive our Newsletter, or finding a local group or meetup near you.

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Laura is CEO of the Open Knowledge Foundation, and Co-Founder and Director of Makespace. She has worked extensively in technology, innovation and leadership roles including at AT&T Labs, and True Knowledge. Laura holds Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge, received the Royal Academy of Engineering Leadership Award and a NESTA Crucible Fellowship, and is a Chartered Engineer.