This October, the Open Government Partnership Annual Summit is coming to London. We’re helping to organise the Civil Society Day, which will take place on the 30th October at University of London Union, followed on the 31st October and the 1st November by the main conference.


The draft agendas for both the main Summit and the Civil Society Day are now online. You are invited to attend both. Civil Society Day will focus on the conversations we need to have as civil society members amongst ourselves in order to prepare for the Summit and strengthen the national OGP processes down the line. The programme combines space for side-conversations at the unconference (the bit that we’re organising!), with sessions around the pressing topics we need to discuss as a community plus additional space for topics that push the boundaries of open government.

The aim is for this to be quite informal with lots of open space for discussion and sessions including:

  • What can civil society do to push ambition on open government?
  • What’s next for open government data and open government?
  • Small group conversations about challenges and what can be learnt from other initiatives like EITI, IATI and the like
  • Workshops and data expeditions
  • Space for individual communities groups to meet, share and plan

The expression of interest for joining the OGP Summit and the Civil Society Day closes this Friday 27 September. Those who have registered will have priority in joining the Summit. There are 400-500 places for non-government actors, which may sound like a lot but with 60 member countries and more to follow it will fill up fast! Register now to make sure you can be there.

Annual OGP Civil Society Survey online

Civil society actors have also been invited to fill in the OGP Civil Society Survey 2013 (available in English and Spanish). The Survey is
a temperature check of engagement with OGP, and the health of the initiative as a whole. Responses will help provide a snapshot of the OGP players, and insights into year 2 experiences at the national level. It will also provide the information needed to improve communications within the OGP community and to figure out what is needed to make OGP a success.

The results will be announced at the OGP Civil Society Day.

Hope to see lots of you there!

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