We’re pleased to announce the launch of budzeti.ba, a new way to understand public spending in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). budzeti.ba is a joint project of Bosnian civil society advocates CPI and the Open Knowledge Foundation. It allows Bosnian citizens to navigate the complexities of the BiH tax system and to explore the distribution of public funds across administrative regions and categories of social spending.
budzeti.ba is designed to make public spending accessible to every Bosnian citizen. Users can inspect the details of national spending on categories like health and education through a simple point-and-click interface, and they can dig down into regional spending priorities by clicking through an interactive map. budzeti.ba’s tax calculator feature allows Bosnians to learn how much they contribute to public services and where it goes by specifying their home region and their monthly income. No specialized knowledge is required to use budzeti.ba or to understand its intuitive presentation of spending.

The budzeti.ba site brings together data from several sources, such as government websites and the Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The site’s initial launch is based on data from 2012 and will be updated as new data becomes available. CPI intends to deepen budzeti.ba’s regional coverage by including municipal data and to enrich its analysis of government spending with data from the Open Budget Survey, infographics on debt and deficit, and more.

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