Mapping the Open Spending Data Community

We’re pleased to announce the official release of “Mapping the Open Spending Data Community” by Anders Pedersen and Lucy Chambers, an in-depth look at how citizens, journalists, and civil society organisations around the world are using data on government finances to further their civic missions. The investigation began in 2012 with three goals: To identify […]

Joined Up Data: first steps towards connecting transparency initiatives

Unprecedented amounts of information on the financial resources available to fight poverty are now being released through the efforts of multi-stakeholder transparency initiatives in sectors like aid, construction, contracting, and extractives. Unleashing this data’s potential will mean joining it up, following the money by merging and comparing datasets from different sources. Transparency initiatives have the […] Following the money in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We’re pleased to announce the launch of, a new way to understand public spending in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). is a joint project of Bosnian civil society advocates CPI and the Open Knowledge Foundation. It allows Bosnian citizens to navigate the complexities of the BiH tax system and to explore the distribution of […]