2018 is almost here, and that means that on Saturday 3 March, we’ll be celebrating Open Data Day (ODD). As always, this is a bottom-up initiative, where we expect to gain momentum and highlight the different uses that Open Data can have in different contexts.

We know that some people in the community are already planning their events, so we invite everyone to register their events on the website by filling up this form (you can also find it at the Open Data Day website). If you want to get some inspiration for events, check out the Lookback on Open Data Day 2017 for an overview of many activities that happened last year.

We are updating the content, since we’re defining the topics that we’ll support next year, but in the meantime, if you have any leads on fulfilling the mini-grants for ODD events, please let us know. As we update the contents, we also need to translate them, so if you have some spare time and knowledge of a language additional to English, you can collaborate on translating!

Last but not least, we want to hear from you, so we will host a group call at the beginning of the year to hear about the learnings and experiences of groups that organised Open Data Day in 2017. If you want to hear more about it, you can follow the mailing list or follow our social channels, where we’ll keep you updated.