Open Data Day is an important date for a broad community that works for a more open world, where information can benefit more people.  To support the efforts made by different groups and organizations on this day, we have developed the  Open Data Day mini-grants, where, along with other organizations interested in having a more open world, we provide funds to events in different parts of the world.

This is the fourth year we’ve organized the mini-grants, and with 214 applications, it’s the year with more applications ever, which shows the interest keeps growing. Without further ado, we present the mini-grant supported events for this year and their organizers.

  1. Transparência Hackday Portugal / Open Knowledge Portugal will bring together citizens, government officials and business contributors to local open mapping efforts, by showcasing both official and grassroots projects and promoting the intermingling of all parties involved. Amount: $400
  2. Association 61 with the local network will organize a webinar for local activists on how to create maps based on public data to summarize the work of their local governments before the upcoming in Poland elections. Amount: $400
  3. Ger Community Mapping Center, OSM-Colorado. The Ger Community Mapping Center (GCMC) Open Data Day mapathon, in conjunction with OSM-Colorado, works to bridge the broad gap between Mongolia and the United States by engaging the OSM community and student population in Denver, CO with the community mapping non-profit organization GCMC in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, a sister city of Denver. Amount: $200
  4. The YouthMappers Chapter at INES Ruhengeri will create Open Data for the Kangondo slum in Rwanda. Amount: $320
  5. Tanzania Development Trust/Crowd2Map are hosting an event to raise understanding of the benefits of Open Data to local government officials, academics and community organisations from across Tanzania and increase their knowledge and skills in accessing and generating OD including into OpenStreetMap of their communities. Amount: $400
  6. Open Knowledge Finland (OKFI) and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Finland community will seek to increase the awareness of open maps and open mapping, to engage people in mapping activities for global (HOT-OSM) and local (OSM) use and to expand the existing mapping community. Amount: $400
  7. School of Data Côte d’Ivoire’s event has the goal of showing how to visualize geographical data published in Côte d’Ivoire EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) report. Amount: $400
  8. Namibia Open Data & Namibia University of Science & Technology. The goal of their open data day is create awareness on the importance of open data, and encourage to participants to co-create solutions through a hackathon that aims to leverage on technology to combat road accidents in Namibia. They expect participants to develop applications that map, where most road accidents happen and solutions that keep drivers focused on the road. Amount: $400
  9. Code for DC in the United States will engage volunteers with open data mapping projects through the re-launch of their Campaign Finance project and the promotion of other open data sets. Amount: $400
  10. UNDP Uganda sees to increase the awareness of use of open data for development planning and disaster risk assessment. Amount: $400
  11. YEKA Street MGA in Nicaragua will complete the project of categorization and inventory of houses with vernacular construction systems in the northern area of the country, with the help of the “Asociacion Mujeres Constructoras de Condega”. Amount: $350

  1. Open Switch Africa will work to encourage Open Educational Resources adoption and Open Research Data in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Amount: $400
  2. EvidenceBase are going to structure, publish, and explore the previously unanalyzed subset of PubMed Central journal comments evaluating clinical trials. Amount: $400
  3. Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development, Inc. Their proposed Open Data Day aims to pioneer a discussion amongst research and academic institutions in the Philippines, working on a bigger goal of bridging gaps between education and resources especially felt by minor and sector-representative institutions and research organizations in accessing quality information. Amount: $400
  4. Datos El Salvador will open as much data as possible from academic research, students and teachers to build the first ever open data deposit of research in El Salvador. They will eventually publish this data in their portal. Amount: $400
  5. Datalat’s main goal is to bring the open data community together and create links with other communities interested in open science and open mapping, especially academics and students. This will be a key activity to engage people for the 1st OpenCon Ecuador coming in July.  Amount: $400
  6. Epicentro Inefable AC (Mexico) will bring open data information to the university community. Its use and applications to foster the use of open data in research and development, based on the 2030 Agenda. Amount: $400
  7. Early Career Researchers from Mwanza, Tanzania will create awareness about Health Data Research in the Mwanza community. Amount: $400
  8. Open Access Nepal will  conduct an Open Science and Open Research Data training for PhD students in collaboration with Nepal Health Research Council. Amount: $400
  9. Open Knowledge Ethiopia defined the main goal of their event to promoting open research data among early career researchers and open data advocates in Ethiopia. Amount: $400
  10. ODI Madrid will develop training activities about open data applied to scientific resources involved in the whole scientific life cycle: papers, reviews, data, etc (Spain). Amount: $400

  1. InspireIT is organizing an event in Nigeria to empower young girls to make informed decisions about their sexual health and well being. Amount: $300
  2. Women Economic and Leadership Transformation Initiative (WELTI) in Nigeria seeks to have more young women leverage on technology to make their businesses thrive.  Amount: $400
  3. OKLab Cologne / will organize an OpenData Barcamp and a Hackathon and Kids Coding Track with the topics “Mobility, Air Quality and Voice-Bot’s” in Germany. Amount: $400
  4. Vivirenlafinca Foundation Colombia seeks to sensitize, disseminate and improve the relationships between the rural and urban habitats. Amount: $400
  5. Datos.PH will organize an event to dive into open research data to help design local development policy interventions across sex (male and female) and age groups. Amount: $400
  6. Artigo 19 seeks to Improve the quality and quantity of Open Data related to femicides in Brazil. Amount: $400
  7. Open Education Italia will find and reuse data to describe and to promote the gender balance in cultural and educational local policies in Italy. Amount: $400

  1. iWatch Africa in Ghana seeks to create awareness and train student journalist on the use of data journalism tools and new media to track government budget. Amount: $400
  2. Iniciativa Social para la Democracia in El Salvador will organize an event to present the Diagnosis of transparency in procurement of the Salvadorian State. Amount: $400
  3. Girolabs will show the uses of the Open Contracting Data Standard implemented in Paraguay, and two thesis degrees of students about OCDS. Amount: $400
  4. / SocialTic will organize an event to teach people about Open Contracting and Follow the Money by looking at the results of at least 4 projects supported last year in Guatemala and make it relatable for more people to understand the importance, get inspired to act on or to contribute with new projects on these topics. Amount: $300
  5. SocialTIC’s ODD in Mexico City aims, like every year, to increase, diversity, showcase and strengthen the capacities of open data enthusiasts, specialists and newcomers in a fun, didactic and inspiring 200 person event. Amount: $400
  6. Open Knowledge Bangladesh will look into the public money that is used in different government initiatives in Bangladesh. Amount: $370
  7. Paradigm Leadership Support Initiative (PLSI) want to promote the use of open data in tracking audited funds for development projects in Nigerian local communities as a way to foster public accountability and improved service delivery. Amount: $350
  8. EldoHub will organize an event to come up with data driven ideas which will disrupt corruption and ensure transparency and accountability in the use of public funds/resources in Kenya. Amount: $390
  9. OrderPaper NG wants to create a community of empowered grassroots individuals to track implementation of constituency projects in Nigeria. Amount: $400
  10. Transparency International – Initiative Madagascar will organize a conference at the French Institute of Madagascar regarding open data concerning the public finances in Madagascar. Amount: $220
  11. Demos will continue with their event from last year and unify data from different sources in Argentina and Uruguay to tackle floodings in different cities in these countries.  Amount: $400
  12. OpenStreetMap Foundation Colombia seeks to build  tools to fight against learned helplessness in Territorial Management in Colombia. Amount: $400
  13. Transparency International – Cameroon seeks to raise awareness of stakeholders on Open Contracting Data Standard as a mean to reduce corruption in the public contracting sector in Cameroon. Amount: $400
  14. Africa Freedom of Information Centre in Uganda wants to increase public access to and participation in public contracting through application of the portal Amount: $400
  15. Open Development Cambodia (ODC) will organize an event to increase transparency on land investment contracts and related Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in Cambodia, thereby decreasing knowledge gaps between perspective investors, government, and citizens (especially vulnerable groups). Amount: $400
  16. Convoca in Peru wants to motivate the participants to develop initiatives that from analyzing the contracts of the works involved in the Lava Jato case, promote a legal, ethical and economically efficient public procurement in all areas from local to national management. Amount: $400
  17. Open Knowledge Colombia will develop a hackathon, called Hackeando el PAE, focused on following and visualizing public money associated with School Feeding National Program of Colombia through a co-creation process where different social actors will be involved. Amount: $400

Together with all the funders [SPARC, the Open Contracting Program of Hivos, Mapbox] for this years’ ODD mini-grants, Open Knowledge International wants to thank the community for all your applications. We encourage you all you register your event on the ODD website.

For those who were not successful on this occasion, we encourage you to participate next time the scheme is available. For the winners, we say congratulations and we look forward to  working with you and sharing your successful event with the community!

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  1. Really a great work indeed. Only a question.
    In the “Open Research Data”, projects financed by Spark, the second is:

    “EvidenceBase are going to structure, publish, and explore the previously unanalyzed subset of PubMed Central journal comments evaluating clinical trials.”

    This Evidence Base is
    “Evidence Base (@evidencebase). Research, evaluation and consultancy for library and information services” ?
    Thanks for the answer

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