Last month, the Open Knowledge Justice Programme launched a series of free, monthly community meetups to talk about Public Impact Algorithms.

We believe that by working together and making connections between activists, lawyers, campaigners, academics and developers, we can better achieve our mission of ensuring algorithms do no harm.

For the second meet-up, we’re delighted to be joined for an informal talk by Patricio del Boca, who is a senior developer at Open Knowledge Foundation. He is an Information Systems Engineer and enthusiast of open data and civic technologies. He likes to build and collaborate with different communities to disseminate technical knowledge and participate as a speaker in events to spread the importance of civic technologies.

Patricio will share a developer’s perspective on AI and algorithms in decision-making, the potential harms they can cause and the ethical aspects a developer’s work. We will then open up the discussion for all.

Whether you’re a new to tech or a seasoned pro, join us on 14th October 2021 between 13:00 and 14:00 GMT to share your experiences, ask questions, or just listen.

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