OK Justice Programme secures definitive guidance on the use of algorithms in online exams. Our first win in the fight to ensure that Public Impact Algorithms do no harm!

An independent inquiry adopts nearly all of our recommendations in our first challenge to the misuse of Public Impact Algorithms. Strong guidance given to the UK’s Bar Standards Board on the use of “remote proctoring software” which should now guide others’ use of this technology.   About The Justice Programme  The Justice Programme is a […]

Open Knowledge Justice Programme challenges the use of algorithmic proctoring apps

Today we’re pleased to share more details of the Justice Programme’s new strategic litigation project: challenging the (mis)use of remote proctoring software.   What is remote proctoring? Proctoring software uses a variety of techniques to ‘watch’ students as they take exams. These exam-invigilating software products claim to detect, and therefore prevent, cheating. Whether this software can […]

What is a public impact algorithm?

Meg Foulkes discusses public impact algorithms and why they matter. “When I look at the picture of the guy, I just see a big Black guy. I don’t see a resemblance. I don’t think he looks like me at all.” This is what Robert Williams said to police when he was presented with the evidence […]

Launching the Open Knowledge Justice Programme

Supporting legal professionals in the fight for algorithmic accountability, by Meg Foulkes and Cedric Lombion Last month, Open Knowledge Foundation made a commitment to apply our unique skills and network to the emerging issues of AI and algorithms. We can now provide you with more details about the work we are planning to support legal […]

Introducing the 2018 Class of School of Data Fellows!

This blog has been reposted from the School of Data blog. School of Data is delighted to announce its sixth class of fellows. From June until January 2019, the programme will allow fellows to deepen their data literacy skills and work alongside local partner organisations to enhance the data literacy network local to them. We were […]

UK Crime Data: Feeling is Believing

Latest crime data shows that the UK is getting significantly more ‘peaceful’. Last month, the Institute for Economics and Peace published the UK Peace Index, revealing UK crime figures have fallen the most of all EU countries in the past decade. Homicide rates, to take one indicator, have halved over the last decade. But the […]