The Latin American Center for Internet Research (CLISI) held a discussion on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Open Data in the city of Valencia, in the spaces of the Librería La Alegría to celebrate Open Data Day 2023. The attendees interested in the subject, as well as a group of journalists from the Carabobo region, joined the event. The researchers presented a research project to be carried out this year on the subject during the discussion.

The discussion began with the presentation of its director, lawyer, and consultant, Mr. José Mendoza of MMD & Associates, where he shared his opinion; the Venezuelan university and Latin America, in general, are lagging behind with respect to artificial intelligence. He believes it should be modernised and says that “currently there are no topics on virtual reality in the classrooms“.

The next speaker was Dr. Crisálida Villegas, Director of the Transcomplexity Researchers Network, where she defined Transcomplexity as the possibility of seeing reality from multiple perspectives. At the same time, she pointed out that “Virtuality is here to stay, a model of Transcomplexity is a model of complementarity“. For Dr. Villegas, artificial intelligence will never win over man. In her speech, she assures that “we must speak of hybrid models, virtual spaces on a par with face-to-face spaces“.

At the end of the discussion, Dr. Waleska Perdomo from ONG Sinapsis started her presentation with the phrase “Here there are dragons“, based on medieval times to locate unexplored places on maps.

In short, for this and more, the specialist is convinced that reality is energy, “it is things, it is what I feel is the material world, therefore reality is multiple, diverse, convulsive, complicated, chaotic. This human singularity composes the artificial reality that is nothing more than the extension of the mind”.

Centro Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Sobre Internet received a small grant to host Open Data Day(s) (ODD) events and activities.