Abriendo Datos Foundation and Flacso Chile have worked for three years in the development of “Verano de Datos Abiertos” (Open Data Summer), an initiative that promotes the debate about the open data ecosystem and also contributes to a culture of learning in the context of Chile. To celebrate Open Data Day, Fundación Abriendo Datos hosted 8 telematics panels and one final face-to-face panel on 7 March 2023 at the Moneda Bicentenario Building, located in Sqantiago, Chile.

With the main objective of addressing the conversation about ten years of open data in Chile, the virtual and face-to-face panels called public officials, academics, international representatives, and civil society organisations. Also, more than 250 people registered during the entire Open Data Summer.

The virtual panel about digital transformation framed a process beyond technological integration to public service. Open data is a high-value input that represents a before and after for administrations, and the construction of evidence-based policies, therefore, not only implies making them available, the data must promote interoperation between public state services and the private sector. On the other hand, the panel on subnational data left as a lesson that a culture of data still needs to be developed both in citizens and at the subnational level, especially understanding that its use must generate greater impact.

Concerning the panel on public procurement, the role of data in the use of algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to combat corruption was highlighted, which must be available and with quality, especially if it is relevant for decision-making. In this way, the quality of the information will depend on the organisational culture of each entity, but also on the resources used to improve the platforms and the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The panel on Agtech highlighted the capacity of open data for food security and the development of technologies in favour of agriculture, where the integration of greater benefits in digitisation, fewer gaps in access to data for research, and promoting an open data ecosystem with value are essential issues. This last issue was on the panel about gender perspective and migration. On the other hand, the panel on Open Science reviewed the strategies promoted by the Ministry of Science for the use of data and capacities of science, technology, knowledge, and innovation, being essential to provide evidence in the design of policies and decision-making.

The panels on open data in Congresses and Open Justice, allowed us to understand that in Chile, the integration of open data must be a transverse issue that will be involved not only the Government, must also be present in the other areas of the State, allowing not only to have a better understanding of the social panorama, but also as a tool to strengthen democracy and the legitimacy of the institutions rooted in those powers of the State.

Finally, the face-to-face panel highlighted the current capacities of the State and the key challenges that must be addressed through collaborative work to strengthen the Chilean open data ecosystem in the future.

The main learning from the event was to establish a culture of data with value in Chile. It is crucial that all the actors collaborate in the strengthening of this ecosystem together, in an agile way and with a focus on the user; supported by technological capabilities, the development of artificial intelligence, and especially with concrete actions.

Fundación Abriendo Datos received a small grant to host Open Data Day(s) (ODD) events and activities.