Working Group Stories

Inspired by the great Global Communities Stories, we want to give you an update about what has happened over the last months in our different Working Groups. Working Groups are a great place for people that are interested in open data related to a specific topic such as science, economics, linguistics or government data. We […]

Panton Fellowship wrap up: Ross Mounce

  The Panton Fellowships have come to an end. The work that our two Panton Fellows, Ross Mounce and Sophie Kershaw have done over the past year to promote openness in the sciences has far surpassed what any of us expected. Here Ross details his wide-ranging experiences and achievements over the past year, and you […]

OpenGLAM at GLAM-Wiki 2013 conference

Just one month to go before cultural experts from all over the world will come to London for an international celebration of open access and culture. GLAM-Wiki 2013 is a global conference, organised by the Wikimedia UK chapter in association with Wikimedia Sweden and Europeana, and hosted by the British Library. It examines the possibilities, […]

Digital Public Library of America recommends CC0

The following post is cross-posted from the OpenGLAM blog. On the OpenGLAM blog we have previously written about the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), an initiative that has the goal to make the cultural and scientific heritage of humanity available, free of charge, to all. To achieve this goal the board of directors has […]

Consequences, risks and side-effects of the license module “non-commercial use only”

In 2012, a group of German copyright experts released in collaboration with Wikimedia the German document “Folgen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen der Bedingung Nicht-Kommerziell – NC” (Consequences, Risks, and side-effects of the license module Non-Commercial – NC). In this document, they explain all consequences of choosing a CC license variant restricted to non- commercial use only […]

Why the German Digital Library should learn from Europeana

The full version of this article is available on the Open GLAM blog. Launch of the DDB. Jill Cousins, Hermann Parzinger, Elke Harjes-Ecker, Matthias Harbort (from left to right) – Photo: Julia Hoppen On the 29th of November 2012, the beta version of the German Digital Library (DDB) was officially launched. After five years of […]

Open Culture and Science Hackday at OKFestival

At the OKFestival in Helsinki next month, the Open Heritage and Open Science streams will be kicking off their three days of activities with a joint hackday dedicated to working with and building things with open cultural and scientific data. The day will involve a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, a digital humanities coding sprint working with tools […]

Announcing the Open Science Podcasts

Since the start of the Panton Principles, we have had several different Panton Discussions with different people talking about Open Data in Science. A couple of them have been recorded on video. These recordings have now also been made available as podcasts which allow you to listen to them while travelling, working or just relaxing. […]

Open Cultuur Data: Opening up Cultural data in the Netherlands

Last week, the third and last blog post by the Dutch initiative ‘Open Cultuur Data’ has been published on the openGLAM blog. Open Cultuur Data (Open Cultural Data) is a network of cultural professionals, developers, designers, copyright specialists and open data experts, that opens cultural data and encourages the development of valuable cultural applications. This […]

Open GLAM Workshop in Berlin – Register now!

  Following on from our Open GLAM workshop in London, in a few weeks we’re hosting a half day workshop in Berlin looking at how to overcome barriers to opening up data in the cultural heritage sector entitled Rechtliche Fragen beim Öffnen von (Meta-) Daten Gedächtnisinstitutionen (Legal Questions Regarding (Meta)data in Cultural Heritage Institutions). We […]