After the open textbook virtual meeting

On Monday [we hosted a virtual meeting]( on open textbooks. A transcript of the meeting is up on the [wiki page]( There is also a [brief writeup on Wikibooks News](

Several things to come out of the meeting:

* There was general agreement that it would great if people interested in and working with open textbooks kept in closer contact, and found more ways to collaborate.
* We discussed using [Pledgebank]( to encourage educators and others to create, review and use open textbooks. Judy Baker of the [Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources]( has subsequently started a pledge to find people interested in reviewing textbooks. Read her blog post [here]( and find the pledge [here](
* Some of us will start to [contact existing online textbook authors]( to see if they’ve considered making their work available under an open license.
* There was discussion of keeping track of open textbook related developments. An aggregator was suggested. Since the meeting Mike Cheln has started an [opentextbooks]( ‘room’ on FriendFeed.
* We will continue to host virtual meetings for those interested in open textbooks on the last Monday of every month. The next will be on Monday 27th October. Meetings will be listed on the [opentextbooks wiki page]( and announced on [](
* Finally Joshua Gay let us know that there was a new launch of the [Textbook Revolution]( site to coincide with the meeting. Though they do not focus exclusively on open textbooks, they have listings for books that are in the [public domain](, and under [GFDL](, [CC-BY](, and [CC-BY-SA](

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