Working Group on Open Data in Science

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new [Working Group on Open Data in Science]( In the first instance, the group will aim to:

1. Act as a central point of reference and support for people who think they are interested in open data in science.
2. Identify practices of early adopters, collecting data and developing guides.
3. Act as a hub for the development of low cost, community driven projects around open data in science.

We are currently working on:

* a prize for open data in science
* a [service to request that a given dataset to be made open]( or to request clarification about whether or not it can be re-used
* case studies on the benefits of open data in different domains

The Working Group has the following founding members:

* Jonathan Gray, [Open Knowledge Foundation](
* Andrew Gruen, [University of Cambridge](
* [Tim Hubbard](, [Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute](
* Jenny Molloy, [University of Cambridge](
* [Peter Murray-Rust](, [University of Cambridge](
* Cameron Neylon, [Science and Technology Facilities Council](
* [Michael Nielsen](
* [Rufus Pollock](, [Open Knowledge Foundation](
* John Wilbanks, [Science Commons](

If you’re interested in participating in the work of the open group, please get in touch on the main [open-science]( mailing list!

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