KForge v0.16 Released

Another [release (v0.16) of KForge is now out](http://www.kforgeproject.com/archive/2009/06/04/kforge-v016-released/). It’s amazing to think this will mark KForge’s 4th anniversary!

KForge is the software behind our [KnowledgeForge service](http://knowledgeforge.net/) and the code is now very stable — we plan for the next release to be our official “1.0”. On this occasion there are the following changes worthy of note:

* Clean-up of authentication system
* Eliminate annoying and subtle svn 1.5 bug (svn add did not work under svn 1.5)
* Deployment under virtualenv for sandboxed installations
* Increase compatibility across external libs (e.g. django 1.0)
* Variety of other minor but important fixes as we prepare for the release of v1.0

Download it from the python package index here: