Open Data Hackathon this Saturday 4th December!

A brief reminder that this Saturday 4th December is the [international open data hackathon](!

## What is it?

As says the blurb:

> It’s a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments.

## Want more info?



## Want to see what’s happening in your city?

There are events in over 70 locations in over 25 countries spread over 5 continents. You can see what’s happening, and add details of any events you’re organising/participating in, on the wiki page:


## What is the hashtag?

The official hashtag is [#odhd](!/search/%23odhd).

## Where can I talk about stuff or make suggestions?

Head over to the [open-government]( list!


## I’ve found a new dataset or cleaned up a dataset. How can I tell the world?

Fantastic! Please add it to a [CKAN instance]( in your country (for a full list [see here](

If you are adding an existing dataset (e.g. one that you’ve found on a government website), please go ahead and [register it for all to see](!

If you’ve cleaned up a dataset, please provide:

* a link to original dataset (if this is a cleaning exercise)
* a link to new dataset
* a link to the code used to do the processing

We’d be grateful if you could tag all newly datasets with **opendataday2010** so we can see what has been added on the day!

## What is the Open Knowledge Foundation doing?

We’re going to be:

* [Hosting an event in London](, with big thanks to [Charles Armstrong]( and [Trampoline Systems]( for providing the venue. [Rufus Pollock]( will be on hand to help organise and hack on stuff.
* [Co-organising an event in Berlin]( [OKF Germany](, the [Open Data Network](, and [Your Neighbours]( will be on hand.
* Lurking on the IRC channel. Many OKF folks will be participating from different locations via the IRC channel ( #odhd).
* Helping people localise the [Where Does My Money Go?](, to see where public spending goes in different countries. If you’d like to set up a version of the project in your country, let us know ASAP on the [wdmmg-discuss list](
* Helping people set up / hack on / add things to CKAN instances. If you don’t have a data registry in your country and you’d like to set one up, let us know ASAP on the [ckan-discuss list](!