OpenSpending v0.10 released

**This post is by [Martin Keegan](, project lead on OpenSpending.**

We’ve released v0.10 of the [OpenSpending code][code], and made it live on


## Changes in v0.10:

* Data loading has been separated from the main web application. Web-based and command-line tools for data wranglers to load/reload datasets
have been separated from the main end-user facing web application.
They now reside in separate code repositories; there has been signficant
reorganisation of the resulting source trees

* More tests. Test coverage and organisation has been improved, and considerably more
of the tests pass

* Model overhaul. The integration between python and MongoDB has been effectively replaced

* Removed dependency on celery. Long-running import tasks used to use a third-party subsystem called
celery, which proved an administration and reliability hassle. It has
been replaced by our own code.

* Command line interface tidied up

* Data-wrangler workflow improvements. Drop dataset is now supported, as are CLI and WUI tools for tagging CKAN packages for use with OpenSpending