ePSI Open Data Days, Warsaw, February 21-23

The ePSI platform team [have announced](http://epsiplatform.eu/content/join-us-three-days-open-data-fun-warsaw) “three days of open data fun” in Warsaw next month. The big day is [the 2013 ePSI platform conference](http://epsiplatform.eu/conference2013) on 22nd February, but you’re also all invited to a workshop on the 21st, and a hackday on the 23rd!

###At a glance

* **What?**: ePSI conference, workshop and hackday
* **When?**: 21st-23nd February
* **Where?**: [Warsaw University](http://www.uw.edu.pl/en/), Warsaw, Poland
* **Programme**: in development [here](http://epsiplatform.eu/content/conference-program)
* **Register**: [here](http://epsiworkshop.eventbrite.com/) for the workshop and [here](http://www.eventbrite.com/event/4511090794?ref=ebtnebregn) for the main conference. And it’s Free (but places are limited)!

**The conference** will focus on the theme **”Gotcha! – getting everyone on board”**. PSI re-use is in the process of reaching a certain degree of maturity and uptake. However, this uptake differs significantly between Member States, PSI domains and stakeholders. The ePSIplatform Conference will therefore be aimed at those that should embark, but have (partly) failed to do so far.

Meanwhile in **the workshop** we’ll be looking at the value of open data to the public sector itself. The workshop is especially aimed at those who work in the public sector.

And on the 23rd, **the hackday** will coincide with [International Open Data Day](http://opendataday.org/), so you’re invited to join the Warsaw open data community for a day of building apps, cleaning up data, or building better connections to data holders. This will take place at [Centrum Cyfrowe](http://en.centrumcyfrowe.pl/). Find out more on the Open Data Day in Warsaw [here](http://wiki.opendataday.org/Warsaw2013).

Get all the info on the [Conference Page](http://epsiplatform.eu/conference2013) or download the Conference Infopack [here](http://blog.okfn.org/files/2013/01/EPSIconference-program.pdf).

We look forward to seeing you there!