With a little bit of free time over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to do some more work on open shakespeare. The new version (v0.2dev) is up and running on the site:

NB: concordance only includes sonnets (this is not a necessary restriction but saved on concordance build time).

Many of the improvements in this iteration are internal and will make future work faster and easier. More details on the changes can be found below.

Any and all feedback most welcome and if anyone wanted to start hacking away with me that would be fantastic (there is now a trac installation to assist with this — details below).

Main improvements

  • move away from gutenberg-centric setup present in v0.1
    • will now be simple to add new material
  • using domain model and database backend
    • much more flexible concordance with faster creation
  • web interface improved
    • concordance now provides snippets and link through to sources

Trac Installation

There’s now a trac installation for project management:


For latest developments check out the timeline:


All the TODOs are now tickets. Active tickets:


A roadmap with links to current future tasks:


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