Version v0.6 of the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) software has just been released (and simultaneously rolled out to the site). Changes include:

  • Autocompletion (+ suggestion) of tags when adding tags to a package.
  • Paginated lists for packages, tags, and revisions.
  • RESTful machine API for package access, update, listing and creation.
  • API Keys for users who wish to modify information via the REST API.
  • Update to vdm v0.2 (SQLObject) which fixes ordering of lists.
  • Better mmunity to SQL injection attacks.

The major development in this release were tag autocompletion (completed earlier in the year) and the RESTful API which was only polished off last week. For prospective users of the API there is some example python client code. We ourselves our busy utilizing the REST interface (and client) in order to integrate CKAN support into datapkg — which we also hope to release very soon.

The CKAN code is available from:

The data is available from:

We’ve now over 230 packages — with more than 100 of these added this year. If you come across a large dataset or substantial collection, please consider registering it on CKAN!

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