Jokey Hamlet

We’ve been thinking for a while that it would be a nice addition to the Open Shakespeare project to produce an “Open Shakespeare Edition” of the Bard’s works.

By an ‘Edition’ we meant something designed as a book and suitable for printing: so an elegant title page, relevant front-matter, properly typeset text etc. This could then be downloaded by users and printed or even offered in dead-tree version directly using print-on-demand.

Recently, we’ve made a start on this endeavour using the moby XML sources, xsl and latex. An example of the results can be seen at:

As a cursory look at that will show, while the body of the play doesn’t look too bad, the front-page could do with improvement (and the front-matter generally needs some planning). So, questions for readers:

  1. Anyone out there with design skills or suggestions who could help us out?
    • Would it make sense to run a design competition?
  2. What kind of general look should we go for? For example, should we go for:
    • Ultra traditional (but perhaps with some mods e.g. replacing the standard
      ‘copyright’ section with something about open knowledge)
    • Something irreverent, for example along the lines of the sketch on

Any ideas or suggestions post a comment or drop us a line we’d love to know what you think.

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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.