Another release (v0.16) of KForge is now out. It’s amazing to think this will mark KForge’s 4th anniversary!

KForge is the software behind our KnowledgeForge service and the code is now very stable — we plan for the next release to be our official “1.0”. On this occasion there are the following changes worthy of note:

  • Clean-up of authentication system
  • Eliminate annoying and subtle svn 1.5 bug (svn add did not work under svn 1.5)
  • Deployment under virtualenv for sandboxed installations
  • Increase compatibility across external libs (e.g. django 1.0)
  • Variety of other minor but important fixes as we prepare for the release of v1.0

Download it from the python package index here:

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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.