The last six months have seen significant developments on our Open
Shakespeare project, many of which have are reflected on the website:

The most major advance is the availability of new HTML and PDF
editions of the texts, see, for example, these versions of Twelfth Night:

We’ve also made improvements to multiview, cleaned up the web
interface, revamped the domain model (proper Work/Edition/Resource
distinction), and much more!

Going forward our main efforts are, on the “tech” side, to integrate a new (javascript) annotation system, and on the content side it’s developing our open “critical edition” (an effort now being led by some students at Oxford and Cambridge).

We’re also holding a regular Open Shakespeare (virtual) meetup every other Saturday @ 4pm (London time) with the next one this coming Saturday (the 24th). All are welcome, so if you’re interested in Shakespeare why not drop in — details for how to participate are on the project wiki page.

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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.