We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.11 of the CKAN software, our open source registry of open data used in ckan.net and data.gov.uk.

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This is our biggest release so far (55 tickets) with lots of new features and improvements. This release also saw a major new production deployment with the CKAN software powering http://data.gov.uk/ which had its public launch on Jan 21st!

Main highlights (for a full listing of tickets please see the trac milestone):

  • Package Resource object (multiple download urls per package): each package can have multiple ‘resources’ (urls) with each resource having additional metadata such as format, description and hash (#88, #89, #229)
  • “Full-text” searching of packages (#187)
  • Semantic web integration: RDFization of all data plus integration with an online RDF store (e.g. for http://www.ckan.net/ at http://semantic.ckan.net/ or Talis store) (#90 #163)
  • Package ratings (#77 #194)
  • i18n: we now have translations into German and French with deployments at http://de.ckan.net/ and http://fr.ckan.net/ (#202)
  • Package diffs available in package history (#173)
  • Minor:
    • Package undelete (#21, #126)
    • Automated CKAN deployment via Fabric (#213)
    • Listings are sorted alphabetically (#195)
    • Add extras to rest api and to ckanclient (#158 #166)
  • Infrastructural:
    • Change to UUIDs for revisions and all domain objects
    • Improved search performance and better pagination
    • Significantly improved performance in API and WUI via judicious caching
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