We’ve done a quick-and-dirty import of the GLA spending data (ckan package) into a Where Does My Money Go Data Store:


For example, here is what they paid to Vodafone:


Big hat-tip to Donovan Hide and scraperwiki who scraped the data into a usable form.

It’s running at a different URL from the main data store for the moment as you see. The eventual aim is to host both data sets at the same URL, but we want to be a bit more cautious about updating the main site from now on.

We’re trying out a slightly different data model. The difference is that
the Account objects really do represent organisations or parts of
organisations. This means we have to put most of the meta-data on the Transactions instead of on the Accounts. We think this will make more sense for data sets where we can track money flows, e.g. COINS.

The UI has not been updated for the change of data model, so you will find that various things are not displayed when you might expect them to be. We will fix the problems in due course…

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