This weekend, following hot on the heels of the Government 2.0 Camp, members of the Foundation’s Working Group on EU Open Data will be meeting up in person for a 2-day book sprint to create an Open Data Manual.

Full details on the wiki page:

More background from Ton Zijlstra’s notice on EPSI Platform:

In the monthly round table conference call on Open Data of the Open Knowledge Foundation, the dates were announced for a book writing session to create an Open Data Manual for Europe.

Since November 2009 there are monthly conference calls about Open Data with people from around the EU. Started by Jonathan Gray (Open Knowledge Foundation) and Ton Zijlstra, and later formed into the EU Open Data Working Group.

Modelled after the Finnish Open Data Guide Book, written by amongst others Antti Poikola in the spring of 2010, plans for an EU wide Open Data Manual have now taken form within this working group. October 1st until Oct. 4th a core group will meet in Berlin to start writing, hoping to complete the bulk of the work in 4 days in a so-called book sprint. The dates coincide and follow immediately after the Gov 2.0 Camp planned in Berlin Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st.

The aim is to develop a regularly updated “Open Data Manual” for Government services, especially in Europe in order to boost the Digital agenda and Open Government Data.

The manual will be openly and collaboratively developed by the EU Open Data Working Group. The manual plans to build on existing work, in particular – Unlocking the Potential of Aid Information (December 2009), the mentioned Finnish Open Data Guidebook (March 2010) and a discussion paper produced by the Technical Advisory Group for the International Aid Transparency Initiative (March 2010).

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