A Week to Remember

After a few months of post-production work by the core crew and our ever-amazing organising partners, we are happy to release the official OKFest 2012 After package – a set of materials that commemorate what an amazing week we had with you in Helsinki and help set the scene for what’s ahead in 2013!

I’d recommend grabbing a coffee, settling into a comfortable chair and going over this package on a rainy day (of which there are many at this time of year!). The stories, ideas and projects outlined here have certainly left us all with smiles on our faces.

The OKFest 2012 After Package

  • The Story of OKFest 2012‘ Video by Markus Petteri Laine (11 minutes, Vimeo).

  • The OKFest 2012 Final Report (pdf, 43 pages)
    in Quick Read and Archive.org versions.

  • The OKFest ‘After’ Page, which includes videos of your sessions, photos from the week, press reviews, news features and blog postings. This is a very long list of links – over 150 hours of video, 134 sessions and 306 individual presentations from 100 guest programme planners, including 67 hours of hackathons and 61 hours of satellite events – definitely time for that coffee!

More Outcomes of OKFest 2012

A few other OKFest 2012 legacies are also in the works.

The festival has provoked a great deal of positive local activity for the open knowledge scene in Helsinki, including the first Open Knowledge Foundation Finland Convention coming up on the 8th of February (for the interested, tickets are still available here!)

Also, thanks to those of you who submitted events to our crowdsourced timeline of open knowledge, The Open Book has also been completed, featuring over 26 thought pieces by leaders of the open knowledge movement around the globe. The book is set for an early 2013 publish date – we’ll let you know when the launch events are!

Thanks and New Teams

With a last thanks to all those who were involved in making this year such a success, and a big welcome to the 2013 organising team, including new Open Knowledge Foundation colleague Beatrice Martini, we wish you all a very happy 2013.

Until the second instalment of this event, näkemisiin!

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Kat is Mozilla's Hacking Popular Culture Liaison. As part of the Open Knowledge Foundation's community team from 2011-2013, Kat coordinated OKFestival Helsinki and led the Local Groups network. She is a co-founder of the Open Design + Hardware working group and editor of The Open Book. Tweet @kat_braybrooke.