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The most important thing for the Network team at Open Knowledge International is the community we build around data. The tools we build to achieve this are crucial as well since they allow people to make even more and better plans and projects. To continue doing this, we are restructuring a bunch of technological tools for the community use. In this case, we are moving valuable information from our old Wiki server to the Open Data Handbook.

Throughout the years, our wiki has been filled with lots of knowledge, but in the last year, we have seen a decline in its ongoing updates and usage. We, therefore, decided that the best way to share and publish knowledge for our network will be the handbook.  

Originally published in 2012, the Handbook has become the go-to resource for the open data community. It was written by the expert members of the open data community and has been translated into over 18 languages. Whether you want to learn about the why and how of open data or you’re working on a particular subject, the Handbook can serve as a resource for how to open data, finding use cases or a bunch of different resources that we’ve collected. However,  we realised we were missing a vital part of building a community around data: Events!

To fix this, we added a section on Making Data Social. Whether it is an online event, a meeting to talk about data or showcase some work, we’ve gathered all the Open Knowledge Network learnings from past years and put them in a centralized place, guiding you step by step on how to run an event around data.  

You can check out this new section here. And as always, we welcome input and translations to other languages from anyone in the community. Just submit your pull request and we’ll look into including the submissions.