Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings to all of the Open Knowledge family and friends!! With the departure of the CEO at the end of October we have been busy aligning our roles to pick up the additional responsibility. As we start to reflect, it’s clear that 2017 has been a year of challenges and great achievements for us all. Here at Open Knowledge International the team have been incredibly busy working relentlessly on fulfilling our mission throughout the year. Some key highlights of 2017 for Open Knowledge International have been:

Looking forward to 2018, we are even more excited as we look at our calendar. One of the main highlights will be hosting our 2018 Open Knowledge Summit (OK Reboot) in Thessaloniki next May, with our goal to bring the OK Network together and align on a new powerful, clear vision for the Open world that we all want. This will be a time to reinvigorate and reunite the community of Open Knowledge.

We hope that you have all listed the dates in your Calendars as we and the team are looking forward to engaging with you all!!!. In January we will be releasing more updates in regards to the agenda for the 2018 Open Knowledge Summit (OK Reboot).

Warm Wishes and looking forward to a prosperous New Year for all,

Mark, Paul and the entire team at Open Knowledge International!!!!

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