We are pleased to announce that the Open Knowledge Foundation has been selected as a grantee of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, marking a significant milestone for the development of the Open Data Editor (ODE) application, a tool that will unlock the power of data for key groups, including scientists, journalists and data activists. The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, in a recent announcement, revealed a total grant allocation of $66.4 million to advance AI and data solutions that centre on people and purpose, 300,000 of which will be allocated to ODE.

The Open Data Editor (beta-released in October 2023), is a no-code application for data manipulation and data publication accessible to everyone, which has already drawn a lot of attention from data communities and beyond. This application holds promise in simplifying data management and analysis, democratising the use of data for individuals and organisations alike.

ODE is built on top of Frictionless Data specifications and software. The mission of the Frictionless Data project is to make it radically easier to move data across tools and platforms for further analysis, in order to make data used and useful. Since 2013, Frictionless has gained a lot of traction, and is used widely by public administrations, data wranglers, and academics around the world. It provides solutions for standardising and simplifying the process of getting data from one application to another, reducing common data workflow issues (what we call friction). You can use Frictionless to produce metadata and schemas, and verify data to assure quality. Frictionless will also record all the cleaning steps you undertake once your data has been validated, to ensure one understands what happened between the cleaned data and the raw data (and prevent data corruption). 

With the Open Data Editor we want to extend the functionalities of Frictionless to non-technical users who are unfamiliar with code. Some common use cases where ODE can be a key ally are when adding/editing metadata, correcting errors in tabular data or creating/editing open maps. Thanks to an AI component, ODE will also help in the data publication, simplifying the generation of data stories and reports.

ODE maximises data interoperability with no need to write code

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s decision to support OKFN aligns with its commitment to fostering advancements in digital technology solutions that prioritise human-centric outcomes. The grant aims to empower initiatives that contribute to the development of responsible and purpose-driven applications, addressing the evolving needs of the digital landscape.

The Open Knowledge Foundation expresses gratitude for the recognition and support from the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. This strategic partnership not only validates the potential of the Open Data Editor but also provides the necessary resources for its continued enhancement and widespread availability.

Purposeful digital technologies

As we move forward with this collaboration, we remain committed to our core values of openness, accessibility, and the ethical use of technology. The Open Data Editor is an example of a simple, open-by-design alternative to the complex software offered by the Big Tech industry. Developing this type of technology is part of our current strategic focus on promoting and helping to develop open digital public infrastructure accessible to all.

The Open Data Editor will continue to evolve as a tool that empowers users, enabling them to harness the power of data without the need for extensive coding skills. We encourage our community to stay tuned for updates on the progress of ODE. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on advancing open knowledge and facilitating data-driven decision-making for a diverse range of users.

For more details on the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation’s commitment to advancing AI and data solutions, please refer to the official announcement. To learn more about the Open Data Editor and its journey towards a no-code data application for everyone, you can visit our blog post.

Job Opportunities

We are currently expanding the Open Data Editor team as part of the work made possible by the support of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation. See below for current vacancies and keep an eye on our social media channels and Jobs section on our website for new updates.