New mailing list for open knowledge in development

We’ve just launched a new mailing list for those interested in open knowledge in development:


As you may have seen we had a session on [Open Knowledge for Development at OKCon 2009]( There was also discussion of the value of sharing knowledge for development at the [5th Communia Workshop]( – particularly from Pierre Guillaume Wielezynski of the World Food Programme and Richard Owens of WIPO.

We encourage you to join – whether you’re interested in:

* visually representing development related open data (a la OKF Advisory Board member [Hans Rosling](
* sharing development information or making it easier to find and re-use (a la [Aidinfo]( or [PublishWhatYouFund](
* sharing practical information for development, e.g. on sanitation or construction (a la [Appropedia]( or [Akvo](
* [open textbooks]( and open resources for education in developing countries
* or in any other [open knowledge]( thats related to development!

Also please consider passing this on to relevant colleagues:

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