CKAN v1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of **version 1.0 of the [CKAN software][ckan]**, our open source registry system for datasets (and other resources). After 3 years of development, twelve point releases and a several successful production deployments around the world CKAN has come of age!


CKAN around the world

As well as being used to power and CKAN is now helping run 7 data catalogues around the world including ones in Canada ( / ), Germany () and Norway (). has also continued to grow steadily and now has over 940 registered packages:

### Changelog

This is our largest release so far (56 tickets) with lots of new features and improvements. Main highlights (for a full listing of tickets please see the [trac milestone](

* Package edit form: new pluggable architecture for custom forms (#281, #286)
* Package revisions: diffs now include tag, license and resource changes
* Web interface: visual overhaul (#182, #206, #214-#227, #260) including a
tag cloud (#89)
* i18n: completion in Web UI – now covers package edit form (#248)
* API extended: revisions (#251, #265), feeds per package (#266)
* Developer documentation expanded (#289, #290)
* Performance improved and CKAN stress-tested (#201)
* Package relationships (Read-Write in API, Read-Only in Web UI) (#253-257)
* Statistics page (#184)
* Group edit: add multiple packages at once (#295)
* Package view: RDF and JSON formatted metadata linked to from package page


* Resources revision history (#292)
* Extra fields now work with spaces in the name (#278, #280) and
international characters (#288)
* Updating resources in the REST API (#293)


* Licenses: now uses external License Service (‘licenses’ Python module)
* Changesets introduced to support distributed revisioning of CKAN data – see doc/distributed.rst for more information.

### Thanks

Lastly a big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to this release and especially to the folks at!

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  1. @Ivan: it would be very easy to convert to the CKAN catalog and we’d delighted to help you do this. First, thing to do is to make a Russian translation, this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two:

    You can then deploy a CKAN instance (or we can do one for you …).

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