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CKAN v1.0 Released

May 18, 2010 in CKAN, OKI Projects, Releases, Technical

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.0 of the CKAN software, our open source registry system for datasets (and other resources). After 3 years of development, twelve point releases and a several successful production deployments around the world CKAN has come of age!

CKAN around the world

As well as being used to power and CKAN is now helping run 7 data catalogues around the world including ones in Canada ( /, Germany ( and Norway ( has also continued to grow steadily and now has over 940 registered packages:


This is our largest release so far (56 tickets) with lots of new features and improvements. Main highlights (for a full listing of tickets please see the [trac milestone](

  • Package edit form: new pluggable architecture for custom forms (#281, #286)
  • Package revisions: diffs now include tag, license and resource changes (#303)
  • Web interface: visual overhaul (#182, #206, #214-#227, #260) including a tag cloud (#89)
  • i18n: completion in Web UI – now covers package edit form (#248)
  • API extended: revisions (#251, #265), feeds per package (#266)
  • Developer documentation expanded (#289, #290)
  • Performance improved and CKAN stress-tested (#201)
  • Package relationships (Read-Write in API, Read-Only in Web UI) (#253-257)
  • Statistics page (#184)
  • Group edit: add multiple packages at once (#295)
  • Package view: RDF and JSON formatted metadata linked to from package page (#247)


  • Resources revision history (#292)
  • Extra fields now work with spaces in the name (#278, #280) and international characters (#288)
  • Updating resources in the REST API (#293)


  • Licenses: now uses external License Service (‘licenses’ Python module)
  • Changesets introduced to support distributed revisioning of CKAN data – see doc/distributed.rst for more information.


Lastly a big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to this release and especially to the folks at!

3 responses to CKAN v1.0 Released

  1. Greetings, Rufus.

    I am maintainer of russian project ( and I think it’s possible to convert collected data to the CKAN catalog.

    So what do you think about russian CKAN catalog?

    Best regards, Ivan begtin

  2. @Ivan: it would be very easy to convert to the CKAN catalog and we’d delighted to help you do this. First, thing to do is to make a Russian translation, this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two:

    You can then deploy a CKAN instance (or we can do one for you …).

  3. @Rufus Thanks! I will try to deploy CKAN instance by myself and contact you when it will be ready.

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