Slides and notes from Data Driven Journalism event

Last week I attended the [Data-driven journalism]( in Amsterdam (which we blogged about [here]( run by the [European Journalism ]() (who interviewed me [here](

My slides from the event are now up here:

Below are some [lovely lofi graphical notes]( from [Anna Lena Schiller](

It was a very well organised event and there were lots of interesting presentations and discussions. While many there were sold on the value of public bodies opening up datasets for others to use, there were more reservations about news organisations sharing datasets with each other and with the public. To address this, I’d like to start a brief document called:

* **Why should journalists and media organisations consider opening up their data?**

The document would refer to existing success stories (such as the Guardian Datablog datasets, NYT Linked Data, …), compelling reasons, evidence, etc. and would appeal to enlightened self-interest. I’ve started some very preliminary notes at:


I hope this is something we will be able to discuss and add to at the [data journalism event in Berlin]( later this week!