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Subject Matter

This forum will focus on open ‘civic’ information. Civic information is material produced by government or other groups which is relevant to political activity by citizens. In particular it includes:

  1. The law be it in the form of statutes or judicial decisions
  2. Statements of elected representatives at the local and national level (for example the records of parliament in the form of Hansard).
  3. Information about the activities of elected representatives and other governmental officials

As with the first forum on civic information our focus will be on both:

  • projects and software that work to produce or make available open information
  • the legal and social issues involved in obtaining and providing such information

Motivating all of these efforts is the goal promoting greater public involvement in the democratic system and increasing the accountability of a government to its citizens.

About the Open Knowledge Forums

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The Open Knowledge Forums are a series of informal gatherings centred on the subject of open information/data. It aims to bring together those /producing/ and those /campaigning/, and to cover everything from software to the law. The sessions are usually held in the evenings in London and their format is to have talks by three or four different people followed by a general discussion.

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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.

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