This Thursday (11th March) I’m speaking at the Forum Virium’s Open Up the City event in Helsinki.

This year their focus is on “open data, design, interfaces and innovation” and I’m speaking under the title “Open Data: What, Why, How?”. It looks like this will be a very interesting event and it’s also a chance to catch up with the very active open data people in Finland!

Update: I’ve now posted the slides from my talk Open (Public) Data: What, Why How? (AKA: Open Data for a Read/Write City).

In creating the talk I also put together a logo to go with the slogan that Petri Kola and I came up with at the brainstorming session yesterday. It’s hereby dedicated to the Public Domain so please feel free to use and re-use:

Open Data for a Read/Write City

Update: ideas from a brainstorming session at a Forum Virium workshop on Wednesday:

  • Slogan: open data for the read/write city
    • Open data isn’t just about building a better “read” services and governance. It is about building better “write” services and institutions which support real participatory activity by citizens. To give a very simple and concrete example: open access to public transport timetable is great but I want want to be able to send back information (like the actual arrival time of that bus or train, how clean it was, whether the bus stop has moved …).
  • Top services to work on with open (local government) data: transport, spending, food, legislation/voting, education, health.
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