In our closing session at Open Government Data Camp, we asked keynoters to reflect on what developments they would most like to see in the next year in relation to open government data and open data more generally. Here’s the resulting list:

  • Open Government Data as a Right
  • More Schemas (Knowledge APIs) – keep it focused, let’s not try to boil the ocean
  • Open Data as a Platform, Not a Commodity
  • Massive Interconnection Between Open Data Sites
  • Open Corporate Data (for and by Corporates)
  • Standards (e.g. for catalog metadata) for Data Portals and Data Hubs
  • Open Data for Growth – making clear the the connection
  • Strong international norms for data inventories
  • Organizational identifiers – Dunn & Bradstreet should be replaced with open data
  • MiData – getting personal data out of corporates and government back into the hands of the people whose data it is
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Rufus Pollock is Founder and President of Open Knowledge.

2 thoughts on “Open Data: Wishlist for the Next Year”

  1. Can I chip in for “open formats”. Making tonnes of data available as pdfs/xls files etc don’t make accessing it for anything other than casual usage hard work

    1. @coldclimate: this is already included in what we mean by open data :-) Specifically, the Open Definition (which defines open data) requires machine readability (“convenient and modifiable form”) and an open format.

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