Today the Open Knowledge Foundation is launching its revamped website, updated blog and new logo.

Our vision is for a future that is fair, free and open. This will be our guiding principle in everything we do.

Our mission is to create a more open world – a world where all non-personal information is open, free for everyone to use, build on and share; and creators and innovators are fairly recognised and rewarded.

We understand that phrases like ‘open data’ and ‘open knowledge’ are not widely understood. It is our job to change that.

Open Knowledge Foundation logo

Our strategy, continuum and animated video aim for us to reach a wider and more mainstream audience with relatable and practical interventions.

This renewed mission has limitless possibilities and the Board and team are excited about our organisation’s next steps and hopeful for the future.

Please let us know any thoughts you have about our website, blog, animated video or new logo by emailing